That Time I Decided to Move to LA

The last few weeks have been, to say the least, a whirlwind. As fate/luck/the forces that be would have it I have found myself in LA where I’ve been offered my dream job!

In any case, it seemed like #Jessicaloha had a short revival and my last week in Hawaii/one week visiting NJ + NYC was a fun time to have several (actually, many) yolo meals and experiences.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - A Relos reunion always calls for #chickenandwaffles! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #calieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Goat cheese chicken and waffles from Bru’s Waffle in LA

Instagram photo by jann_bam - My new home has great perks. Tacos for daysss. πŸ™Œ #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #calieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Taco plate from Tacos Por Favor

2015-06-21 12.32.11

My first taste at Philz Coffee

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Apparently moving to LA means having a nonstop eating fest. Pastrami goodness in my mouth. πŸ˜‹ #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #calieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

The best pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had from Mickey’s Deli

When I landed in New Jersey, I came home to a great welcome home committee – including a lobster dinner from my grandma!

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Now this is a welcome home committee! Pictured: a sign made from a folding table; not pictured: the lobster feast afterward. 😊

2015-06-22 22.17.10

2015-06-23 19.28.18

My sister brought home my favorite platter from The Halal Guys

I also jam packed a day in NYC to visit some of my favorite places and see some of my favorite people.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Lox, cream cheese, & coffee. It's good to be home. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #nyceats

Lox breakfast from The Grey Dog

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Look at all the khaki shorts that ruined the gram. #nyc #chelseamarket

The view inside Chelsea Market

2015-06-25 11.09.00

Delicious lychee ice tea from Takumi Taco

Instagram photo by jann_bam - First love. ❀ #nyc #ny #manhattan #iloveny

My favorite view of the city from my old office

2015-06-25 15.55.52

Froyo with one of my childhood friends

2015-06-25 17.31.10

Only in NYC

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Ain't she a beaut? #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #nyceats #shakeshack

Had dinner at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park

Instagram photo by jann_bam - "My east coast #ohana." Caption by @omfgian. #nyc

Good crew at the Rooftop Bar

Instagram photo by jann_bam - When visiting home, treat your dad to his favorite splurge meal. . .and then let him play poker until he drives you home at 3AM. πŸ˜… #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Treated my dad to his favorite pork chop at Emeril’s Chop House

And with my last 3 days back in Hawaii, I ate my heart out at my favorite places in Hawaii.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - My belly is so lucky. 🍲 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #hawaiieats

Ramen bowl from Lucky Belly

2015-06-30 21.30.42

The lobster bake from Shokudo

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Do it for the #Oreo honey toast. 😚 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #hawaiieats

Oreo honey toast from Shokudo

Instagram photo by jann_bam - I'm going to miss you spicy tuna crispy rice. 😒 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #hawaiieats #latergram

Tuna crispy rice from Shokudo

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Last taste of poke before I become a California girl. 😒 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #hawaiieats

My last taste at poke

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Last mai tai sunset as a resident of #Hawaii. #🍸 #🌴 #hilife #luckywelivehi #dranks

The last mai tai sunset

Instagram photo by jann_bam - The last 4-course supper in #Hawaii: North Shore garlic shrimp with local veggies and avocado, Hawaiian boullibaise with Alaskan crab, lobster, & prawn, loco #foiegras moco with qual egg, and the signature coconut creme brulee with toffee crumble. πŸ™Œ #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #hawaiieats

The last 4-course supper in #Hawaii: North Shore garlic shrimp with local veggies and avocado, Hawaiian boullibaise with Alaskan crab, lobster, & prawn, loco #foiegras moco with qual egg, and the signature coconut creme brulee with toffee crumble.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Summertime #halohalo. πŸ™Œ #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous #calieats

Holoholo from Kalesa

2015-07-05 15.10.43

My favorite bubble tea (taro, almond, coconut black tea) from T Pumps!

And finally wrapped up my last weekend of funemployment at my first California hike and unlimited Korean BBQ.

2015-07-11 12.24.31

2015-07-11 19.23.54

And because I passed my written exam for the driver’s exam on the first try, I am now officially a California resident! Excited to share food finds, cheap eats recipes, and more as I start my next adventure in the Golden State!

Also, hopefully I can actually make posting a regular thing πŸ˜‰


Life’s Short, Eat Dessert First.

A quickΒ  summary of all that was tasty and delicious over the past few weeks. Including that time we had Bubbie’s ice cream before dinner.

2015-05-28 18.32.55

Chili moco from Downbeat Diner

2015-05-29 13.00.10

Spicy tuna with uni from Maguro Bros.

2015-05-29 20.59.54

Sweet chili chicken chicken from Kaka’ako Kitchen

Instagram photo by jann_bam - The "What the Pho?" sandwich had me think the exactly the same thing after watching Aloha. Wagyu beef brisket, swiss cheese, sriracha aioli, on a taro hoagie with pho dipping sauce: "an ode to the Philly cheesesteak, French dip and pho." #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams

The “What the Pho?” sandwich from Kaka’ako Kitchen: Wagyu beef brisket, swiss cheese, sriracha aioli, on a taro hoagie with pho dipping sauce: “an ode to the Philly cheesesteak, French dip and pho.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #Brunch is the most important meal of the day! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams

French toast with cinnamon apples from Cafe Kaila

Took a quick hike up Diamond Head – starting with the little hikes per my sprained ankle.

2015-05-31 14.37.14

And got the ritual shave ice afterward.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Hiking rewards = POG + lemon lime shave ice topped with condensed milk and azuki beans and ice cream on the bottom.🍧 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Lemon lime and POG shave ice with condensed milk from Waiola Shave Ice

2015-06-01 20.17.51

Stuffed salmon

2015-06-02 19.03.11

Steak burrito from Oahu Mexican Grill

And because we had some friends in town, we took them to drinks at House Without a Key

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #TGIF. Is it 5 o'clock yet? #hawaii #hilife #luckywelivehi #sunset #dranks #waikiki #latergram

Instagram photo by jann_bam - I love visitors, mai tais, and awkward poses~ 🌸 #hawaii #hilife #luckywelivehi #sunset #plusjeremy

2015-06-04 20.37.48

Green spaghetti from Goofy Cafe & Dine

2015-06-05 12.01.08

Dim Sum overload at Mei Sum Dim Sum

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Beer flight Fridays/#macandcheese everyday. 🍻 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Beer flight and mac and cheese from Honolulu Beer Works

2015-06-06 12.17.26

Crab cakes eggs benedict from Cinnamon’s

2015-06-06 14.32.51

Shave ice from Island Snow

2015-06-06 16.40.59

The view of Kailua on our way back home

2015-06-06 19.36.41

Homemade fried rice stuffed chicken and Asian noodles

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #AlohaFriday #sunset #dinner view. 🌴 #Hawaii #hilife #luckywelivehawaii

What a view from Outback Steakhouse (yes, one of my favorite chains) at Hawaii Kai

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Life should always be as good as #cookiebutter mochi #icecream. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Cookie butter macaron from Bubbie’s

2015-06-13 17.07.27

Mochi ice cream assortment and “Multiple Orgasm” ice cream cake from Bubbie’s

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Last night's super tasty dinner: yaki o pa'i'ai, grilled he'e (octopus) in luau leaves, cold ginger rabbit and puffed rice, oxtail risotto, and egg white topped kitchen cocktail. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

The crazy delicious dinner from Mud Hen Water: yaki o pa’i’ai, grilled he’e (octopus) in luau leaves, cold ginger rabbit and puffed rice, oxtail risotto, and egg white topped kitchen cocktail.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Chicken and waffels in #Hawaii = mochiko chicken and mochi waffels. πŸ™Œ #brunch #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #myfab5 #f52grams #eatfamous

Mochiko chicken and mochi waffles from The Nook

And with that, I am finally caught up!

Costco Card Meals and Weekend Eats

Costco cards are presumably for the much bigger families out there – which is why we only go about once every 2 weeks or so. And if you’ve got a membership, you know that a salmon meant for two, actually lasts about. . . 6 -8 meals.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Cracked bowls/ full stomachs. #🍳 #saycrackagain #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #homemade #latergram

Lemon pepper salmon on top of sauteed greens and cheese topped with an egg.

2015-05-13 19.44.05

Teriyaki salmon with oyster sauce veggies and brown rice

This week’s Feast Friday we went to Lucky Belly. We went pretty early for lunch, and there was already a wait outside the door.

2015-05-15 11.55.54

Lamb lumpia with roasted pepper and kochujang sauce

2015-05-15 11.56.12

2015-05-15 12.09.16

The Belly Bowl with sausage, belly, & bacon

Later that day, we headed over to Ward and tried out Bellini Bistro since it just opened. I had the raspberry frozen bellini and we shared an order of calamari.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - We made it to #Friday! That deserves a bird in your drink! 🐀 #hawaiieats #dranks #bellini

2015-05-15 18.07.13

And since I won that gift certificate to Kaka’ako Kitchen last week, we used it on some of the new items on their menu:

2015-05-15 19.12.03New spicy burger with curly fries

2015-05-15 19.12.18

Deep fried bao buns – the meat and the buns were both deep fried!

We also stopped by Ward’s Courtyard Brunch today. The courtyard was super cute and was something out of one of my Pinterest boards. The event was very organized, and my best friend would’ve loved the yellow color scheme.

2015-05-17 10.36.04

Everyone eats underneath this huge tent, and there’s plenty of places to sit.

2015-05-17 10.39.28

Matt and I shared several things with the tickets we were given – Aloha mimosa, duck fried rice with a duck confit spring roll from #Morimoto, breakfast porridge rice soup with seafood, pork, lobster meat balls and egg topped with chicken cracklins from #PigandtheLady, Italian sausage strata from #EatHonolulu, and spicy tempura shrimp with bacon infused waffles from #PokeStop!

We’re off to the Big Island next weekend so my continuous blogging streak will come to an end. After living in Hawaii for over 3 months, I finally get to see my first volcano!

How I Established Feast Friday at Work

Since I’m saving up for a couple of trips this year, I’ve established Friday as a “treat yourself” state of mind AKA creating a google spreadsheet of all the lunch places nearby and seeing how many I can cross off with my co-workers.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - On Fridays we #feast! Spicy ahi poke on multigrain rice. 🐟 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

The spicy ahi bowl from Mama-ya downtown.

And because you can never turn down any family friend gathering and the buffet that they provide, I had my first taste of the famous coco puffs from Liliha Bakery

2015-05-02 17.11.03

Most recently (since it’s been kind of rainy here in Honolulu) we visited Pho to Chau – a super delicious Pho place with the signature, authentic Chinatown experience.

2015-05-08 12.47.04

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #Pho #Friday/ #feastfridays. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

Feast Friday was later followed by half-and-half pizza from JJ Dolan’s and a surprise grand prize raffle win from Civil Beat’s 5th anniversary celebration!

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Pizza cause #Friday/I miss you NY. #πŸ• #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #thatspinachricottadoe

2015-05-08 20.41.45

And of course, no weekend is complete with a little bit of staycationing.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Waiting to catch a wave. 🌊 #StaycationSaturdays #hawaii #hilife #wanderlust #beach #luckwelivehi

One Day, I Will Post Regularly. . . One Day.

Things have been a bit crazy lately, but I am trying to stay committed to updating as often as possible! Since I last blogged, there have been a lot of eatings and events (including deciding to dye my hair again!).

Well, per usual, a lot, a lot of food has been the center of basically everything I take a picture of.

2015-04-07 17.31.21

Finally crossed of Marukame Udon from my bucketlist (the onion bomb and the fish cake were pretty delicious)

2015-04-09 12.53.22

I also had my first try at some fried rice spam musubi

2015-04-09 19.57.542015-04-09 19.58.13

I also tried out a new zucchini boat recipe. Super easy and yummy, and I drowned it in as much cheese as possible.

2015-04-10 12.40.25

The start of feast Fridays at work with this pesto chicken sandwich from OEC Cafe

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Booze cruisin' // cruisin' with the boo. β›΅ #hawaii #hilife #luckwelivehi #sunset #boatsboatsboats

Matt also had these tickets for a booze cruise that we never went on, so we spent one Saturday afternoon eating, drinking and watching the sunset.

2015-04-11 18.06.02

Eh, the view was pretty nice πŸ˜‰

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Team lunch at Pho My Lan // Fa Mulan. 🍲 #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

Crazy delicious lunch at Pho My Lan in downtown Honolulu

2015-04-16 17.47.55

Our friend Jason was performing at the Mission Houses Museum and they had pretty delicious, fresh food also. Check out the colors in the fresh beet and taro sides!

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Entrance to #paradise. 🌴 #StaycationSaturdays #staycation #hawaii #hilife #beach #luckwelivehi

2weeks ago we visited Kailua, so of course we had to spend some time at my favorite beach , Lanikai.

2015-04-18 18.00.45


Instagram photo by jann_bam - Shave ice Sundays with a mountain of green tea ice cream, azuki beans, and fresh handmade mochi. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

And since we took the east side way back to town, we also stopped by my favorite shave ice place – Uncle Clay’s Pure House of Aloha

Β 2015-04-19 18.44.01

And no weekend in Hawaii is complete without a gorgeous sunset

Instagram photo by jann_bam - We go in when folks visit from the mainland. Kalbi beef, pan fried island porkchops, spicy chicken, fried rice, "big ass streak," and yaki soba. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #luckwelivehiBecause my best friend had friends in town, we shared a massive meal from Side Street Inn – complete with kalbi beef, pan fried island pork chops, spicy chicken, fried rice, “big ass steak,” and yaki soba.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #FatFriday lunch = Cochon de Lait Po' Boy: Puerto Rican roasted pork, romaine, pickled trinity, creole mayo, demi baguette, buttermilk-herb potato salad. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

Also got to spend another Feast Friday knocking off another restaurant from my bucketlist – here’s the Cochon de Lait Po’Boy from Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop – Puerto Rican roasted pork, romaine, pickled trinity, creole mayo, demi baguette, and buttermilk-herb roasted potato salad.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Celebrating the #Filipino themed #eatthestreet with pork adobo french fries topped with crispy chicharones. 😚 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

And since it was the last Friday of the month last week, we went to the Filipino-themed Eat the Street! Here’s the pork adobo french fries topped with crispy chicharones.

2015-04-24 18.08.13

Bisteak pizza

2015-04-25 14.23.14

Oh, and if you were paying attention to the beginning of this post, I actually did dye my hair! Thanks Tabby Magic.

Okay, okay, I promise to update this on a regular basis – just so my mom doesn’t go crazy when she’s trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life from 5,000 miles away πŸ˜‰

Staycation Weekends.

One day I’ll run out of weekend adventures on this island. . . .nah. πŸ™‚

2015-03-21 14.58.37

The Kaiwi Shoreline Trail leading up to the Makapu’u Tidepools

2015-03-21 15.58.02

Makapu’u Tidepools

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Reward after hiking! Lilikoi and "kale spin" shave ice with green tea ice cream and azuki beans. #noms #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #hawaii #hilife

My favoriteΒ  shave ice place and favorite reward after hiking – Uncle Clay’s Pure House of Aloha

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Oxtail poutine, lazy luau dip, ahi poke cupcakes, haupia bread pudding, and sweet potatk crunch. Yasss. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

Date night noms – oxtail poutine, lazy luau dip, ahi poke cupcakes, haupia bread pudding,Β  and sweet potato crunch from Off the Wall Craft Kitchen

2015-03-27 18.37.48

If you ever find yourselfΒ  on the last Friday of the month of Honolulu, check out Eat the Street for a bit! Tons of food and lots of options, but get there early to try and avoid as many long lines as possible.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - We kinda went a little crazy at #eatthestreet tonight. . .you know with all the lobster mac and cheese and spinach and artichoke poppers, avocado toast, sushi sliders, deconstructed musubis, butter mochi kona coffee sundaes, and all. πŸ˜‚ #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #hilife #luckwelivehi #streetgrindz

Lobster mac and cheese and spinach and artichoke poppers, avocado toast, sushi sliders, deconstructed musubis, and butter mochi kona coffee sundaes.

2015-03-29 08.21.32

Double rainbows over the city

2015-03-29 15.14.33

At the end of the Waimano Falls Trail

2015-03-29 15.18.26

Rope swing at the end of the Waimano Falls Trail

2015-04-03 13.39.56

Sauteed shrimp from Papa Ole‘s on the North Shore

2015-04-03 13.57.35Delicious peanut butter rolls from Papa Ole’s

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Aloha beaches. #hawaii #hilife #luckwelivehi #wanderlust #beach  #victoriassecret #nofilter

Sunset Beach

2015-04-03 14.49.07

Sunset Beach

2015-04-03 16.34.52

Post-beach chocolate haupia pie from Ted’s Bakery

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Saturday mornings at the #farmersmarket call for "King Kong" hot dogs. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #hilife

Saturday mornings at the KCC Farmer’s Market – King Kong Dog for lunch

2015-04-04 15.21.13

Lagoon 1 at Ko’Olina

2015-04-04 16.29.03

Beach bums

2015-04-04 17.13.35

Caramel macadamia nut iand Hawaiian mud pie ice cream from Two Scoops

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #Easter #brunch - corned beef hash eggs benedict and blueberries and cream cheese stuffed french toast! 🐣 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #guesswhoatethestrawberries

Easter Brunch from Sweet E’s

I need to keep up with this better, but more eats and exploring to come!

Kailua Weekends and More Hawaii Eats (You Know, the Usual)

I think I’m finally getting into a normal schedule after moving to Hawaii fa month ago. I’ve reinstated treat yourself Fridays (AKA my excuse to only buy lunch on Fridays to save the $$$), and have made sure to take advantage of the Jessicalohakitchen as much as possible (name still pending).

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Poke, #sushi, and lunch outside. Happy #Aloha Friday! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #Hawaii #hawaiieats

Lunch bentos with an assortment of sushi, poke, and black rice from Ahi Lovers in Downtown.

This past weekend we visited Kailua – just a bus ride away if you’re coming from town. We usual go to Cinnamon’s for their guava chiffon pancakes, but this time we tried somewhere new:

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #Brunch is better with lilikoi pancakes. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #Hawaii

Lilikoi pancakes from Moke’s Bread and Breakfast

2015-03-07 14.36.43

After Moke’s, we walked around Kailua for a bit and decided to stop by Island Snow (Obama’s favorite shave ice place) for a quick snack before we visited the beach.

2015-03-07 14.55.36

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Aloha. 🌊 #hawaii #hilife #kailua #wanderlust #beach

(It was very cold, and we did not go swimming. I just did this for the gram haha).

The Jessicalohakitchen and my eating adventures around the island have been very busy though! I made this “healthy” burrito bowl alternatives (because there is no Chipotle here on the island :() while we watched Chef last Sunday night.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - "#Healthy" burrito bowl. Cauliflower fried rice, soy garlic chicken and beef, lettuce from the Big Island, roasted chick peas, avocado, greek yogurt, and a dash of sriracha mayo. 😌 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #homemade #wifey #jessicalohakitchen

Β Cauliflower fried rice, soy garlic chicken and beef, lettuce from the Big Island, roasted chick peas, avocado, greek yogurt, and a dash of sriracha mayo.

Speaking of Chef, I immediately had a Cuban sandwich craving afterward, so we went and got Cuban sandwiches during our lunch breaks this week.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - We watched #Chef this weekend so I had to satisfy my #Cuban sandwich and plantains craving. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #plantaincampaign

And because we didn’t get a chance to use our Groupon for Sarento’s the last time I was here, we used them this past Thursday. A definite must-go if you want some awesome views of the city with some delicious food (you must get the escargot!)

2015-03-12 19.52.31View from the glass elevator at Sarento’s

Instagram photo by jann_bam - I love cheese. Garlic, butter, cheesy escargot for daysss. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #hawaiieats #eeeeeats

The delicious cheesy, buttery, escargot

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Part 1 of last night's crazy #delicious #dinner: Australian rack of lamb, fig caponata, roasted fennel jus, & cocoa raisin glaze. 😍 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

Australian rack of lamb, fig caponata, roasted fennel jus, & cocoa raisin glaze.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Sarento's signature #ossobuco with braised veal shank, saffron risotto, & citrus gremolata. UNF. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #datbonemarrowtho #latergram

Sarento’s signature #ossobuco with braised veal shank, saffron risotto, & citrus gremolata.

And because I saw we had these cans of tuna lying around in our cupboards that I thought we should make edible, I grabbed an egg, breadcrumbs, some shrimp, and cheese and made some tuna and shrimp lettuce burgers with fresh homemade guacamole, greek yogurt, mushrooms, and sriracha mayo with a side of baked zucchini fries.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Late night #homemade tuna and shrimp lettuce burgers with fresh homemade guacamole, greek yogurt, mushrooms, and sriracha mayo with a side of baked zucchini fries. 😊 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #samsonsustenance #wifey

And, because it’s still Sunday funday here in Honolulu, we grabbed an acai bowl from my favorite place Diamond Head Health Cove Bar before we went to the coffee shop this morning.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Acai bowl Sundays at my fave place! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #healthy #sortof

#Jessicalohakitchen – Cooking for Two & Everything Else You Can Chew

Let’s get it straight, I am not eating for two (and plan on not eating for two for A WHILE) but I am now cooking for two. Hawaii grocery prices ($5 for a pack of mushrooms, really?) has caused this Trader Joe’s loyalist (uggh, I miss you $1.99 mushrooms) to get creative with the meals I’ve come up with.

Slow cooker beer battered Jack DanielsΒ  BBQ wings and stir fried veggies with a fried egg.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Last night's homemade #slowcooker beer battered, Jack Daniels BBQ chicken & garlic lemon fried egg topped veggies! πŸΊπŸ—πŸ³ #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #jessicalohakitchen

Steak night with grilled onions and shrimp with a side of veggies


2015-02-17 20.23.33

Loco moco cauliflower fried rice

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Homemade loco moco with cauliflower fried rice! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats #jessicalohakitchen

Italian meatball, shrimp, chicken, veggies pesto zucchini pasta

2015-02-24 19.52.32

Filipino adobo with veggies

2015-02-25 19.42.25

I’ve also gotten to experience old and new places after living in Hawaii for a month. One of our favorite places to eat (especially when we celebrate liking each other’s company for two years ;)) is Town in Kaimuki. The ingredients are local and the menu changes everyday. I highly recommend this place in case you’re in town for a few days (haha, get it).

We normally get one of their delicious fruit sorbets, but I had picked us up something a little special from Cake Envy. An assortment of creme brulee, salted caramel, lilikoi, blueberry, white chocolate raspberry, and #jackdaniels double chocolate.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Matt's favorite #dessert is #cheesecake. . .I just couldn't decide which flavor to get. πŸ˜… Creme brulee, salted caramel, lilikoi, blueberry, white chocolate raspberry, and #jackdaniels double chocolate #ftw! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

Ahi & Vegetable has a really great poke bento combo for whenever I’m treating myself to lunch at work.

2015-02-20 13.18.07

Fresh catch of the day and furikake tempura catfish from Kaka’ako Kitchen were really delicious. Huge portions, fresh fish. Maybe 50% of the reason why I moved to Hawaii.

2015-02-20 19.08.26Β  2015-02-20 19.08.38

We also live near one of these great cafe/brunch/lunch places called Kaimana Farm Cafe. It was our second time going there and their muffins were fresh out of the oven (the one below is their cinnamon muffin but if they ever have their chocolate ones, you have to eat at least 3 of those!). They also have really delicious iced mochas and they serve them in mason jars — an easy way to win me over.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - All about that Sunday morning Pinterest gal #brunch life. #Hawaii #eeeeeats #hawaiieats

I think we’re at a good balance of home cooked meals for the work week and treating ourselves on the weekends, but I am still trying to think of tasty, healthy meals to cook during the work week. Any suggestions? =)

Celebrating My First Birthday Away From Home


Despite living away from home for the last six years, NJ was always an hour train ride away whenever I need to see my family for my birthday weekend. However, since I decided to move to Hawaii, this would be my first birthday away from the east coast.

But no avail! The boyfriend truly made my day special as we ate and did some of my favorite things in Hawaii.

Ono Seafood

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Celebrating my quarter century with my favorite meal! #hawaii #hilife #hawaiieats #foodstagram #instafood #eeeeeats

Diamond Head Hike

2015-02-08 16.01.55

2015-02-08 15.52.28

Later that evening he took me to a fantastic dinner at 3660 on the Rise in Kaimuki (the first place he tried creme brulee as a kid so I’m going to count it as an extra special place because creme brulee is delicious).

Thus completes my first as a 25-year-old. I now round up to 30 and still not sure how I feel about that yet.

Moving is Expensive. My First Week in Hawaii.

Despite living in New York for the last 6 years, I think I took one major thing for granted: Trader Joe’s. Despite living in one of the most expensive (if not THE most expensive) city in the country, I could always rely on one thing that wouldn’t break my wallet: my <$40 grocery bag filled with all of my weekly groceries for that week. One of the first things I learned in Hawaii? TRADER JOE’S DOES NOT EXIST HERE. Aka the price of mushrooms was a surprise I was not ready for.

Even though I blew out a fuse my first night cooking in the new kitchen, I was still able to create a few new meals during my first week (especially now that I am cooking for two!)

Pinterest Gal Salad – a simple trick my old roommate taught me about creating salads for the week in mason jars to save time and keep salads fresh

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Pinterest gal lunch outside the office. #hawaii #hilife #eeeeeats

Chicken and Shrimp Tacos – a combination of the leftovers we had from Shaloha alongside a mixture of spinach, chick peas, shrimp, chicken, and sriracha mayo I was able to salvage after my first night blackout.

2015-02-05 20.18.15

Breakfast Taquitos – we had a lot of eggs. And spinach. And basically everything that tastes delicious in an omelette so tossed everything up, heated up some soft taco shells and voila!

2015-02-07 11.01.18

Bisteak Filipino – one of my favorite Filipino dishes that I made after our first Costco trip. Thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce and lemon juice topped with fried onions and mushrooms (the mushrooms aren’t that traditional, but because I’m a mushroom freak I added them in anyway). Also, I feel guilty if I don’t eat vegetables with dinner, so I quickly made a corn, sweet onion, and spinach stir fry. Lightly buttered. Vegetables still count even if they’re lightly buttered.

2015-02-07 20.50.47

Soy Garlic Fried Chicken with Lemon Garlic Veggies and Brown Rice – An experiment in trying to pan fry chicken, since I’m too scared to try using the oven. Went over pretty well, although not as healthy as I would like them to be. I marinated the chicken overnight in a blend of soy sauce, garlic, and brown sugar and then dredged the chicken in egg and flour right before I fried. They were pretty good with the dredge on top, but I may try it without the coating next time to see it the skin will be even more flavorful!

2015-02-09 19.10.45