Day 5 in South Africa -Getting Good Use Out of the Selfie Stick

We booked a tour that would take us around the coast/areas that the red bus didn’t cover. Below is a view of the 12 Apostles in South Africa.

2015-12-31 08.19.33-1.jpg

2015-12-31 08.19.44-1.jpg

2015-12-31 08.21.53.jpg

And then we were taken to places where we could take more fun selfies & see more pretty ocean.2015-12-31 09.10.37.jpg

2015-12-31 09.00.18-1.jpg

On the way to the Cape of Good Hope there are a ton of baboons.

2015-12-31 10.07.50.jpg

2015-12-31 10.13.18-1-1.jpg

It was a pretty foggy day.

2015-12-31 10.53.23-1.jpg

And then we went to Boulders Beach to see the penguins!

2015-12-31 12.17.30.jpg2015-12-31 12.17.44-12015-12-31 12.18.322015-12-31 12.19.292015-12-31 12.23.00-12015-12-31 12.28.23

And then we had lunch in Kalk Bay

2015-12-31 13.27.282015-12-31 13.45.17

I’ve never had so much hake fish in my life

2015-12-31 14.22.06

There’s a seal down there!2015-12-31 15.09.56.jpg

We then went wine tasting afterward and visited Bo Kaap afterward!

2015-12-31 16.34.30.jpg

2015-12-31 16.37.34.jpg

2015-12-31 16.46.30.jpg

Didn’t take too many other photos afterward, but we ended our last night in Cape Town over looking the entire city and watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve!

2015-12-31 22.24.542016-01-01 00.00.59.jpg

And that finishes our trip and continent 5/7 to South Africa!


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