Eating My Way Through My Last 2 Weeks in NYC.


I’ve learned a few things about deciding to pick up your life and moving halfway around the world, but this is probably the most prevalent one: everyone who wants to catch up with you wants to eat with you.

My last week on the east coast was booked with old friends that wanted to catch up. . . and EAT. Here’s a delicious play-by-play of some of the delicious eats that I had during my last week in New York.

Instagram photo by jann_bam - It was one of the biggest pains in the butt to get, but here's my last #ramenritto in #NYC. 😂 #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #nyceats #yolkporn

Ramenrittos from Press Tea in the West Village with my team members from work

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #Brunch checklist:  #Nutella milkshake ✔ Chocolate chip banana pancakes✔ Eggs benedict and mimosa ✔ #fooodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #jessicaloha

Chocolate chip pancakes and Nutella milkshake from Tops Diner in Newark, NJ with my favorite sister (joke, I only have one)

Instagram photo by jann_bam - One of my last lunches with my very first boss. Thank you @chloe254! #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #nyceats #jessicaloha

Parmesan tortellini from Terra in Tribeca with my first boss ever and forever mentor

2015-01-21 19.46.17

Chicken and Rice from the Halal Guys – 53rd & 3rd location with some co-workers

Instagram photo by jann_bam - #Pies for those thighs. #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #eeeeeats #jessicaloha

Fried chicken and waffles, chicken biscuit, mac and cheese, grits, and bourbon pecan pie from Pies and Thighs in the Lower East Side with my “little” from back in college

Instagram photo by jann_bam - Jess dreams of sushi. AKA one of the best meals I've ever had. #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood #nyc #eeeeeats #sushinakazawa #birthday #jessicaloha

Omakase form Sushi Nakazawa in the West Village with my very good friend Victor

2015-01-23 18.55.34

BBQ brisket, broccoli salad, and sweet potato pecan side from Mighty Quinn’s – downtown location at Hudson Eats

A smorgasburg of tapas from ABC Cocina (the charred octopus, arroz con pollo, and empanadas were my favorite!)

2015-01-29 15.10.29

We also went to Dough afterwards and I definitely couldn’t fit anymore inside my stomach (let alone a doughnut), but how delicious did this spread look?

I still have many a things to eat next time I’m back in NYC, but I highly recommend all of the above!


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