SUMMER 2013 AKA I need to do a better job at keeping up with this.

A couple of summer highlights:

The delicious dinner at Riverpark (pictured below are the bacon-wrapped prawns):

I baked an egg in an avocado:

I held my first garage sale:

The boyfriend visited from Hawaii and we ate delicious food in New York:

Spicy Tuna Nachos


Pistachio Raspberry Ice Cream Macaron

And then we ate more delicious food down in Orlando:

(Butterbeer, dole whip float, chocolate chip rocky road ice cream sandwich, & holiday sandwich)

But that was after I made a feast of a dinner for him (lemongrass chicken spring rolls, mac & cheese gnocchi, cheese stuffed macadamia nut sliders, & cream cheese brownies).

But yes, we went to Disney World

And I can finally cross off the Wizard World of Harry Potter off my bucket list! I had 3 rounds of butter beer.

Which allowed me to add another shot glass to the post grad life collection:

And my grandpa turned 90 years old, so I baked 90 cupcakes!

Jay-Z & JT in Hershey Park this weekend, and then I have to figure out Q4 things to look forward to.


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