Getting & Giving.

Being the active Twitter participant that I am, I RT’d a tweet one of my friends tweete about winning a two free tickets to Potted Potter – and I won!

Potted Potter was absolutely hilarious. As a fan of the series, I was able to appreciate all the jokes of those two brilliant men on stage. Also never in my life did I think that the actor was going to water gun spray the audience. I’m giving too much away – I highly recommend y’all see it!

Because I am a new hire at work, they have a great program where they ask all the recent hires to volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver. I’m always a fan of giving my mind a break from all the work I’ve been slamming down on it to package up some food, cutting up some chicken, and wrapping up some bread for people that are sick and need food..

So there you have it me getting and giving, while still working 40+ hours a week, getting less than average sleep, moving into my new apartment, and still finding time to grab dinner with my high school friends at BYOB places (I don’t recommend doing this on a weekday like I did).

Yeah, I don’t know how I do it either



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