NYC Restaurant Week & Tuesday dinners

In order to keep up with some of my two close friends from school, we’ve dedicated Tuesday nights as the night to get together and try new food already around Manhattan. Rules for Tuesday dinners:

  • A regular entree shouldn’t be around $15
  • Must try a new place every week.

We’ve been pretty good about meeting every week, and last week we experienced one of my favorite times of the year: NYC restaurant week.

I’ve been to two places so far: Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay’s restaurant near Union Square & One If By Land, Two If By Sea.

Dinner at Mesa Grill:

  • Sixteen Spice Chicken Skewers
  • Cornmeal Crusted Chile Rellano
  • Vanilla Bean Custard

Dinner at One if By Land, Two if By Sea:

  • Roasted Corn Chowder
  • Duo of Pork
  • Lemon-Cinnamon Frozen Souffle

Very excited to add these two restaurants under my belt. Now to figure out where to eat for the rest of the Tuesdays . . .


July 2012. 1 month and 2 weeks after graduation.

In an effort to make this more timely, I’ve decided to combine the last few weeks into one post.

JUNE 30.

I moved out of my first NYC apartment. It hosted some of my closest friends, and some people I rarely talk to anymore. I look back and fail to understand how I ever fit all of my belongings into 3 car trips and one Manhattan storage space. Despite all the things that got on my nerves about it, it really true does house (haha pun!) some of the happiest moments of my senior year.


I’m trying to decide at what age I’ll be too old enough to start hanging out with my little cousins on the 4th of July. I haven’t reached that point in my life yet, and I don’t plan on it any time soon either.


After living in Manhattan for 4 years, it’s kind of sad to say that I’ve never been to Governor’s Island. However, all of the was change when a few friends and myself got to attend Alesso’s birthday bash on the island. It was kind of like being trapped on a beach with very jacked and good looking people with a Manhattan sky line. Absolutely fantastic.


My lolo (grandpa in Tagalog) turned 89 this week! I’m blessed to have him in my life and that he always refers to me as “his first apo.” This picture was taken at Ichi Umi, an all you can eat Japanese buffet in the heart of my go-to mall. After I greeted him happy birthday, he just kept telling me, “I’m still very young.” If I ever live to be in 89 years old, I’m going to out eat my grandchildren in eating sushi. And then take shots.

This week, restaurant week started and I also received my diploma – the next post will be all about food and the infamous weekly Tuesday dinners!

The part time summer gig. June 2nd – Day 17 After Graduation

The part time summer gig. June 2nd - Day 17 After Graduation

I have a summer gig.

You know when you go to summer festivals and there are a bunch of people grilling and making food?

My aunt is in charge of one of those. That’s right – on Saturdays and some Sundays I am your very own smoothie gal.

This photo is of our newest drink the “fusion splash” – a little bit of flaored jam, ice, water, and some of my signature shakes, and BAM.

Tips are well appreciated. =)